[packman] Re: [PM] Azureus (openSUSE 10.3/noarch) [Azureus /plugins folder problem] NEW WAY (MAYBE)

Arash Karimpoor arash at khoonasham.com
Sun Jan 27 22:34:25 CET 2008

Hi again Toni
You didn't said much about your plugins... I'm kinda interested what 
kind of plugins you wanna work with. Anyway, The way you talked about in 
you email works right but I liked another way kinda better:
1. Opening //usr/bin/azureus/ with root privileges.
2. Adding /cd ~/.azureus/plugins/ right before the run line.
Now I don't know that this link in /usr/bin/ is done by azureus team 
themselves or it's part of the packaging. Just in case it's part of the 
packaging. plzzzzz... pretty plzzzzz... do this change, It seems to work 
fine (unless it makes another problems which I can't understand _which 
is possible considering I'm kinda a noob in these kind of stuff_).
By the way if you are thinking these are the shared plugins and should 
be somewhere where every user can reach, well... let's just say Azureus 
is putting it in /home/*name*/plugins which is just the same.

Thank you
Arash Karimpoor
arash at khoonasham.com

> Am Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008 schrieb:
>>  Hi
>>  I emailed you about two days ago but I just found out that my server had a
>> problem and you might have not got the email yet so I'm sending it to you
>> again... It is the same mail so if you have got an email from me in the
>> past two days just delete it, because you already have it.
> I answered you already, but the mail was not delivered ...
> I posted my answer on the pm-list
> here the text:
> ===> START
> I won't change this in the package, to do it correct it needs:
> * a group and a user for P2P downloads
> * a directory /var/lib/Azureus with correct rights and user settings for the 
> shared plugins.
> * a lot of changing in the java code to respect the user/group mechanism on 
> linux systems
> I'm thinking about providing some interesting plugins as a addon-package to 
> Azureus and install them in a central place.
> To start Azureus from a hidden directory is no solution, as it installs the 
> plugins folder than in the hidden folder ... and this folder should contain 
> the plugins for all users.
> To make you happy:
> simply add those to lines:
> mkdir -p $HOME/.azureus
> cd $HOME/.azureus
> before the run command in /usr/bin/Azureus.sh
> and you're fine.
> <=== END

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