[packman] [PM] linuxdcpp 0.0_20071028 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Kostas Georgokitsos kgeorgokitsos at nomioan.gr
Wed Jan 23 08:49:46 CET 2008

Salut Pascal,

I checked again at the linuxdcpp.berlios.de site and I saw that they finally 
have releases. 1.0.0 iseems to be from Sept. so your packman version of 
28.10.2007 is later, but there has been a bugfix release 1.0.1 on X-Mas. 
Maybe it's time to change from snapshot packages to releases.

Best regards,


PS: Somehow it was sad that you have (well almost) abandoned the guru-site, 
although it was logical. It was always easier to address you personally in 
case of a suggestion or a problem. Now in packman it's just "A Bunch Of 
Packagers" ;-) . I am joking. Joining the packmen was the correct decision, 
and you already have contributed there some great stuff there. Best of luck!

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