[packman] please, keep more than 1 version

Marc Schiffbauer marc at schiffbauer.net
Mon Jan 21 14:06:24 CET 2008

* Miguel Angel Alvarez schrieb am 20.01.08 um 22:57 Uhr:
> Hi all,

Hi Miguel,

> Sometimes a package is broken, at least in some circumstances, for whatever 
> reason that may or may not be under control of the packman team.
> For example, the libxine1-1.1.9 update broke kaffeine.


> Unfortunately, the repository only offers the last package, and once it is 
> installed and you realize that there is a problem, it is too late to go back 
> to your known working configuration.

You can save the packages on your harddisk. Package managers that I
know do this automatically.

> That's why I'm suggesting you to keep at least one release (not minor rebuild) 
> before the actual one. Please, it is not so much disk space on the servers or 
> management overhead, and it would provide great benefit to us all. 

Not so much diskspace?? We would need twice as much space.

> Otherwise, the only sane option would be to manually download the packages to 
> keep a local copy just in case. 

.. or let the package manager do it..

> And that only works for my local system; if 
> I'm evangelizing or helping a friend to upgrade (many times remotely) I have 
> to manually upload big packages through my sluggish upstream, which may take 
> hours. Not to mention the frustration that a broken system can cause to a 
> newbie.

I think atm this is no option, sorry.

Next question would be what to keep: last revision? Last upstream

If you encounter a problem you may be lucky to find a mirror that
still has the old package...

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