[packman] [PM] Azureus (openSUSE 10.3/noarch)

Сергей В. Миронов serg0 at ulx.ru
Mon Jan 7 21:02:34 CET 2008


Thank you for making rpm's of Azureus!

Tell me, please, where can I get last stable (non-beta) relieses of
Azureus for openSUSE 10.3? How can I get the stable reliese Azureus
v., for example? May be old relieses are collected somewhere?
I prefere not to use beta versions of programs, but can't make them by

If it will be not so hard for you, e-mail me the stable package on
serg0 at ulx.ru.

Best regards,
Sergey V. Mironov
Russian Federation

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