[packman] cegui 0.5.0b openSUSE 10.3 i586

andreafl at libero.it andreafl at libero.it
Tue Jan 1 23:24:59 CET 2008

Hi Toni, i'm andrea (andrea at links2linux.de) please check at these:

> [23:01] <yaloki> anubisg1: hi andrea
> [23:02] <anubisg1> hi pascal.. 
> [23:02] <anubisg1> i have a question... for you..
> [23:02] <anubisg1> i'm not on my pc and i cant send mail to tony..
> [23:02] <anubisg1> any way..
> [23:02] <anubisg1> cegui has been built with
> [23:02] <anubisg1> --with-default-image-codec=DevILImageCodec
> [23:03] <anubisg1> i made a package (not yet built on packman) that REQUIRES to work
> [23:03] <anubisg1> that cegui to be built with
> [23:03] <anubisg1> --with-default-image-codec=SILLYImageCodec
> [23:04] <anubisg1> without that  i receive a bad segmentation fault
> [23:05] <anubisg1> i made here cegui package with the "correct" codec, and the games works..
> [23:06] <yaloki> ok
> [23:06] <anubisg1> ideas ho to fix it?, if is possible avoiding to rebuilt cegui package(that could broke others packages)
> [23:06] <yaloki> no
> [23:06] <yaloki> must rebuild cegui
> [23:06] <anubisg1> dho..
> [23:06] <anubisg1> ok.. thatnks.. have to ask tony..
> [23:06] <yaloki> I don't know what's in cegui
> [23:06] <yaloki> if it's just a bunch of libs, your package could do an in-tree build and link cegui statically
> [23:06] <yaloki> but if it also contains other files than just libs then it's difficult
> [23:07] <yaloki> anyhow, if toni has no particular reason to use DevIlImageCodec by default, why not just rebuild with SILLY..
> [23:07] <anubisg1> fortunally not... semme that cegui package includes only %_libdir/*
> [23:07] <anubisg1> fortunally not... seems that cegui package includes only %_libdir/*
> [23:07] <yaloki> hmmm
> [23:08] <yaloki> well, yeah, in-tree + static linking would work too
> [23:08] <yaloki> then your package won't require cegui
> [23:08] <yaloki> _but_ would also need to check whether cegui can be built statically
> [23:08] <yaloki> is there a libcegui.a in cegui-devel ?
> [23:08] <anubisg1> %{_libdir}/libCEGUIBase.a
> [23:11] <yaloki> could work then
> [23:11] <yaloki> but I'd really ask toni first
> [23:12] <anubisg1> i have to send email bye web..a simple cegui rebuilt should be the faster and easier way
> [23:13] <yaloki> yep

so.. the question is..

could cegui be rebuilt with  


instead of

--with-default-image-codec=DevILImageCodec  ??

(i'm waiting for a patch to avoid this problem.. but could never come!)


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