[packman] libkexiv2-0.1.6-0.pm.1 for openSUSE 10.2

Quentin Denis quentin.denis at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 00:32:04 CET 2008

Hi folks,
a will have a look at these packages in the next days. I have to solve that 
incessant repo incompatibility. Either I will have to include different libs 
(SONAMES) in my package, or I keep everything up to date (or at least at the 
same version than KDEBACKPORTS).


Am Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008 13:01:52 schrieb Johannes Kastl:
> Erwin Lam wrote:
> > So, I wonder if this "libkexiv2-0.1.6-0.pm.1" is still necessary in the
> > Packman repository. Could somebody please have a look at this?
> In addition, the libexiv2 version provided by kde-backports is newer
> than the packman version (0.15-1.1 vs. 0.12-101.pm.1). When I try to
> install the backports one, apt wants to uninstall digikam and libkexiv2
> (which are both from packman), I guess cos some Provides: or Requires:
> is wrong there. Maybe one of the packman guys could look into this?
> OJ

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