[packman] [PM] me-tv 0.7.6-0.pm.1 (openSUSE 11.0)

Andrea Florio andrea at links2linux.de
Fri Dec 26 20:37:47 CET 2008

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Luboš Staněk ha scritto:
> Hi Andrea,
> I have checked the updated RPM and there are some minor issues. I do not
> use SUSE so maybe I am wrong in some issues.
>> BuildRequires: gcc-fortran libxine-devel gnet-devel
> The required player dependency is missing. me-tv is using the standalone
> xine player instead of the xine-lib.

looks like it need no more libxine-devel as BUILDrequires (nice)
but what should be the missing dependencie?

>> BuildRequires: liboil-0_3-0
> The application does not need some specific CPU support.

on pmbs there is a choise between 2 packages that provide the same
library need by libscroedinger.

>> Requires: /usr/bin/scan
> It does not require the scanning application. It scans the frequencies
> alone. It can use tuning files from linuxtv-dvb-apps (if it is packaged
> with /usr/bin/scan) or any other user's initial tuning file.
> You should check if the path to tuning files is included in
> scan_window.h:#define SCAN_DIRECTORIES. Otherwise add it and report it
> to the author.

last time i checked the code it required scan binary... if not, i can
fix easly. thanks for report

> The configure.ac defines required components. Some of them are missing
> in the .spec file. I hope that they are covered by the default install.
> Best regards,
> Lubos

and what are the one missings? i attached the build log file and as you
can see no packages and/or headers are missing..

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