[packman] [PM] mediatomb 0.11.0 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Stefan.Bergler at web.de Stefan.Bergler at web.de
Sat Dec 20 22:40:27 CET 2008

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> Am Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008 schrieb Stefan.Bergler at web.de:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I had severe problems getting mediatomb up running / responding. I solved
> > it changing the following points (in order of importance):
> >
> > In /etc/mediatomb/config.xml change:
> > <home>/etc/mediatomb</home>
> > to
> > <home>/var/lib/mediatomb</home>
> > then mediatomb should be running / be accessible over http!
> > (By the way, the file /var/lib/mediatomb/config.xml is / was a copy of
> > /etc/init.d/mediatomb )
> did you copy over those files yourself to /var/lib/mediatomb ?
> And I guess you are using the sqlite variant, because those directories are 
> created by the package mediatomb-sqlite. The sample config.xml I'm using 
> where provided a user George Pantazis, but AFAIK he was using a mysql 
> database. So I'll check this and perhaps I need to provide a sample config 
> for each database back-end.

The mediatomb package was not installed before, same for mysql and sqlite. By dependencies sqlite was also selected, mysql was/is not installed. I did not copy any files to "/var/lib/mediatomb" myself. I don't know where this strange copy of /etc/init.d/mediatomb came from. But I think this file will not interfere with anything. In /var/lib/mediatomb three files where present (with pretty old file data): 
config.xml  mediatomb.db  mediatomb.html
Initially the mediatomb.* files were empty, now they are filled with data.

When using mysql the misleading homedirectory might not matter, because there are no files stored in the home directory (?). On the other hand setting it correct (in conf.xml) should make sqlite work and should not harm when using mysql.
After installation of mediatomb the conf.xml was set up to use sqlite. (which was OK for me)

> > In /etc/init.d/mediatomb change the chown statements. Mediatomb is started
> > as user 'mediatomb' therefore it has no access to the files if they belong
> > to 'nobody'. E.g. change
> >  chown nobody $MT_PIDFILE
> > to
> >  chown "${MT_USER}:${MT_GROUP}" $MT_PIDFILE
> why ?
> the run-level scripts are started from a root account on machine boot up, the 
> pid-file contains no information. And mediatomb does nothing with this file.
> It should contain the pid of the mediatomb for killing the process. At the 
> moment this is done with killproc. So the actual run-level script implies 
> that only one mediatomb process is running on one machine.

When executing /etc/init.d/mediatomb by hand, I got error messages. After the above modification the error messages where gone and also the file was filled with the PID.  
Looks as if mediatomb changes the user to mediatomb before writing the PID File as user mediatomb.  With this chang, it should be possible to make use of the PID file too. (E.g. check on 'start' if there is already a running version)
This is something I fixed while searching what was going wrong. - That's all. ;-)

> > I also changed the used IP to use the Interface, although that should not
> > be required. But if getting the IP address it is a good idea to do a
> >  export LC_ALL=POSIX
> > before calling any commands. My root account comes up with german messages
> > by default! I did not change / set this, but that's the way the standard
> > configuration does it. Alternative you may replace
> > IFACE_IP=`ifconfig | grep -i "$MT_INTERFACE" -A 1|grep "inet addr"|cut -d "
> > " -f 12|cut -d ":" -f 2` with
> > IFACE_IP=`LC_ALL=POSIX ifconfig | grep -i "$MT_INTERFACE" -A 1|grep "inet
> > addr"|cut -d " " -f 12|cut -d ":" -f 2`
> this is a good fix, I'll add this in next release, my root-account is in 
> english so the command is working for me. But in other languages the output 
> could differ and the grep won't match.
> > Nevertheless, many thanks providing mediatomb!
> thx for feedback and proposed improvals!
> > Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Munich,
> Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Wiesbaden,
> >  Stefan
> -- 
> have fun
yes - SuSE connects to my AVM MediaBox. Now I look why my gentoo installation (still) does not ... :-)
> Toni

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