[packman] Packman and Contrib cooperation

Herbert Graeber herbert at graeber-clan.de
Thu Dec 18 23:34:57 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag 18 Dezember 2008 18:02:31 schrieb Pavol Rusnak:
> Hi Packman folks!
>    You might be aware of Contrib - Universal openSUSE Repository for 3rd
> party Packages. For those who are not, I recommend reading
> http://en.opensuse.org/Contrib wiki page.
>    I have an idea, or proposal if you wish: what do you think of moving
> all the "clean" packages from Packman to this new and shiny Contrib
> repository? :)

The policy on packman is different than in contrib. We provide up to date 
packages even for older distros, id possible. Contrib will be frozen with each 
openSUSE release (That's true for most repositories in the BuildService, too).

So even, if we would put some of our packages into the contrib repository, 
there shall be places to get backports to older openSUSE versions, too, 
preferable in the build service. Our users expect that.

There is another change for packman, that may be useful. If there are 
packages, especially libraries, in contrib, we can use, we should change our 
policy of "depending only on on the openSUSE distribution and no other 
repositories" to "depending on the openSUSE distribution + Contrib".

> [...]  

Nevertheless, I will add a small set of packages, I have in the buildservice 


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