[packman] Possible bug in the "tora-2.0.0-0.pm.2.i586.rpm'

Tom Corr tomcorr03 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 19:26:15 CET 2008

The x86_64 bit version of this package works wonderfully on my openSuSE 11.0 system.  There is no problem.  However, when I installed the 586 version on my openSuSE 11. (32 bit system), i encountered the "tora: undefined symbol: _ZN13QsciScintilla16staticMetaObjectE" error.  I had the Scintilla package "libqscintilla2-2-1.73-100.1" installed at the time.

After doing some additional searching, I discovered, the packages Scintilla packages on the rpmfind.net site.  I first installed the "Scintilla package" for openSuSE 11 and it had the same problem.  Out of desperation I installed the "qscintilla 2.1-4.fc9.i386.rpm" package, and now tora works just fine.

So, I believe the problem is either with a "bad" libqscintilla package for the i586 or the "tora" package was actually built against the libraries from the qscintilla package for fc9.

Either way, if other users are experiencing the same problem, this is a possible work around until the packages actually can be corrected.


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