[packman] New Package: FlashQard

shahab shirazi shahab.sh.70 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 15:27:53 CET 2008

My name is Shahab and I am the developer of FlashQard project.
I just visited your website (packman.links2linux.de) and I was wondering if
you can take a look at FlashQard project and add it to your repository if
you wish.
Here is the project's website:


At the moment, FlashQard offers rpm, deb and source packages and I can
update the rpm package in your repository whenever a newer one is ready.
I don't know what is the relationship between links2linux.de and
packman.links2linux.de. They seem to be different but anyway... FlashQard
has been added to links2linux.de.
And by the way... A newer version of FlashQard is coming in 2-3 days with
lots of changes.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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