[packman] Broken GCompris package OpenSuSe 11 64 bit

Peter McCrackan peter at ailmar.org
Sun Aug 31 01:32:55 CEST 2008

Hi I have run into this problem when setitng up a computer for my son using
OpenSuSe 11 64 bit.
I have installeed GCompris using YAST so hopefully this is the right place
to send this information.

There is an error generated when starting GCompris, this is the error:
Couldn't find or load the file skins/gartoon/bar_bg.jpg this activity is
incomplete. Exit and report the problem to the authors. OK.

I have contacted the Author (Bruno) and he asked me to run GCompris from
Terminal to see other errors which I did as pasted in below, his comments
are that there is an error in the packaging.

> Hi , here you are:
> pete at linux-wx2p:~/Desktop> gcompris
> XF86VidMode: Compiled with XF86VidMode.
> If you have problems starting GCompris in fullscreen, try the -x
> option to disable XF86VidMode.
> ** (process:7952): WARNING **: Binary relocation disabled
> ** (process:7952): WARNING **: exec_prefix NONE
> package_data_dir         = /usr//usr/share/gcompris/boards
> package_locale_dir       = /usr//usr/share/locale
> package_plugin_dir       = /usr//usr/lib64/gcompris
> package_python_plugin_dir= /usr//usr/share/gcompris/python

This show evidence of the problem. Pathes should be /usr not /usr/usr
This is ugly but you may create a link /usr/usr -> /usr
As root:
cd /usr
ln -s /usr usr

Do you found how to contact the packager, it is up to him to fix this.

Peter McCrackan

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