[packman] [PM] kdenlive 0.6.0 (openSUSE 10.3/i586) and [PM] ffmpeg 0.4.9 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Lee Matheson lee.matheson at rijira.net
Sun Aug 17 23:42:34 CEST 2008

I gave kdenlive a good work out on the weekend.  I did discover a memory
leak with inigo (which belongs to mlt).  In essence, for rendering (with
kdenlive) videos of 10 minutes or longer, on a PC with 2GB of RAM, there
is a serious risk of all memory being consumed during "rendering" by the
memory leak. 

But typically I keep my videos less than 10 minutes, so while worrisome,
this is not a blocking problem.

I summarized my experiences with KDENLIVE (over the weekend) here:

Versions of mlt and kdenlive that I have installed are:

Overall, despite some hiccups, I am still very happy with kdenlive.

Thanks for all your efforts.  I can go to the kdenlive forum and raise a
"bug report" on my observations, if this is deemed to be helpful.

aka oldcpu

Toni wrote:
> Nethertheless please check if kdenlive is now consuming memory (I know you are 
> a "hard core" user of this program ...).
> Because the call for av_free_static should return some memory to the system. 
> In the actual svn sources this call is also disabled in the same manner I did 
> it. But just to be sure that we don't get of the fire into the frying pan.
>> Once again, many many thanks for your quick turn around and a very
>> timely fix.  I typically spend a lot of time in front of my PC running
>> kdenlive, so its an app that is 'dear to my heart'.
> you're welcome.

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