[packman] [PM] xine-lib 1.1.15-0.pm.0 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sat Aug 16 13:16:08 CEST 2008

Am Samstag 16 August 2008 schrieb Georg Wolfram:

> It seems there is no flac support in the packman version 1.1.15-0 of
> libxine. Amarok and kaffeine cannot play flac files anymore.
> $>rpm -ql libxine1-1.1.15-0.pm.0 | grep flac
> --- no output
> I think the file libxine1-flac is missing.

Looks like a bug in 1.1.15, flac should have been build (output of the 
configure script at build time from the 10.3/i586 build):

 * demultiplexer plugins:
   - avi           - mpeg
   - mpeg_block    - mpeg_audio
   - mpeg_elem     - mpeg_pes
   - mpeg_ts       - qt/mpeg-4
   - film          - roq
   - fli           - smjpeg
   - idcin         - wav
   - wc3 mve       - voc
   - vqa           - aiff
   - cdda          - snd/au
   - yuv4mpeg2     - real/realaudio
   - ea wve        - raw dv
   - interplay mve - psx str
   - ws aud        - pva
   - vox
   - nsv           - 4xm
   - FLAC          - aac
   - iff           - matroska
   - vmd           - flv
   - nsf
   - ogg
   - mng
   - mod
   - ac3 (internal library)
 * audio decoder plugins:
   - GSM 06.10       - linear PCM
   - ffmpeg (external library):
     - Windows Media Audio v1/v2
     - DV            - logarithmic PCM
     - 14k4          - 28k8
     - MS ADPCM      - IMA ADPCM
     - XA ADPCM      - Game DPCM/ADPCM
     - Mace 3:13     - Mace 6:1
     - FLAC
   - Nosefart (NSF)
   - vorbis
   - speex
   - w32dll
   - MAD (MPG 1/2/3) (internal library)
   - DTS (internal library)
   - A52/ra-dnet (internal library)
   - MusePack (internal library)

And in ffmpeg FLAC also should be included (also from the configure 
ouptut from the 10.3/i586 build):

Enabled decoders:
aasc                    fraps                   pcm_u24be
adpcm_4xm               gif                     pcm_u24le
adpcm_adx               h261                    pcm_u32be
adpcm_ct                h263                    pcm_u32le
adpcm_ea                h263i                   pcm_u8
adpcm_ea_maxis_xa       h264                    pcm_zork
adpcm_ea_r1             huffyuv                 pcx
adpcm_ea_r2             idcin                   png
adpcm_ea_r3             imc                     ptx
adpcm_ea_xas            indeo2                  qdm2
adpcm_g726              indeo3                  qdraw
adpcm_ima_amv           interplay_dpcm          qpeg
adpcm_ima_dk3           interplay_video         qtrle
adpcm_ima_dk4           jpegls                  ra_144
adpcm_ima_ea_eacs       kmvc                    ra_288
adpcm_ima_ea_sead       liba52                  rawvideo
adpcm_ima_qt            libamr_nb               rl2
adpcm_ima_smjpeg        libamr_wb               roq
adpcm_ima_wav           libfaad                 roq_dpcm
adpcm_ima_ws            libgsm                  rpza
adpcm_ms                libgsm_ms               rv10
adpcm_sbpro_2           libschroedinger         rv20
adpcm_sbpro_3           loco                    sgi
adpcm_sbpro_4           mace3                   shorten
adpcm_swf               mace6                   smackaud
adpcm_thp               mdec                    smacker
adpcm_xa                mimic                   smc
adpcm_yamaha            mjpeg                   snow
alac                    mjpegb                  sol_dpcm
amv                     mlp                     sonic
ape                     mmvideo                 sp5x
asv1                    motionpixels            sunrast
asv2                    mp2                     svq1
atrac3                  mp3                     svq3
avs                     mp3adu                  targa
bethsoftvid             mp3on4                  theora
bfi                     mpc7                    thp
bmp                     mpc8                    tiertexseqvideo
c93                     mpeg1video              tiff
cavs                    mpeg2video              truemotion1
cinepak                 mpeg4                   truemotion2
cljr                    mpeg4aac                truespeech
cook                    mpegvideo               tscc
cscd                    msmpeg4v1               tta
cyuv                    msmpeg4v2               txd
dca                     msmpeg4v3               ulti
dnxhd                   msrle                   vb
dsicinaudio             msvideo1                vc1
dsicinvideo             mszh                    vcr1
dvbsub                  nellymoser              vmdaudio
dvdsub                  nuv                     vmdvideo
dvvideo                 pcm_alaw                vmnc
dxa                     pcm_dvd                 vorbis
eacmv                   pcm_f32be               vp3
eatgv                   pcm_mulaw               vp5
eightbps                pcm_s16be               vp6
eightsvx_exp            pcm_s16le               vp6a
eightsvx_fib            pcm_s16le_planar        vp6f
escape124               pcm_s24be               vqa
ffv1                    pcm_s24daud             wavpack
ffvhuff                 pcm_s24le               wmav1
flac                    pcm_s32be               wmav2
flashsv                 pcm_s32le               wmv1
flic                    pcm_s8                  wmv2
flv                     pcm_u16be               wmv3
fourxm                  pcm_u16le               wnv1
ws_snd1                 xl                      zlib
xan_dpcm                xsub                    zmbv

I've tried some samples from http://ff123.net/samples.html and had no 
problems playing them with kaffeine (using the libxine als backend).
Is your ffmpeg up to date? And what error message do you get, when you 
try to play a flac song using "xine xyz.flac"?

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