[packman] [PM] mumble 1.1.0 (openSUSE 10.3/x86_64)

Ilfirin ilfirin at centrum.cz
Mon Oct 29 17:01:31 CET 2007

Hello. I think you made mistake in building mumble 1.1.0 package. Cause 
version 1.0 from your repository works fine, but 1.1 wrote this:

ilfirin at ilfbook:~> mumble
Locale is cs_CZ
QSslSocket: cannot find ssl library: QLibrary::load_sys: Cannot load ssl 
(libssl.so: cannot open shared object file: není souborem ani adresářem).
QSslSocketBackendPrivate::ensureInitialized: unable to resolve all symbols
OpenSSL Support: 0
No ciphers of at least 128 bit found
ilfirin at ilfbook:~>

and does not start. I checked, i have libssl installed.

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