[packman] Some special ( additional) inquiries

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Tue Oct 16 15:49:52 CEST 2007

Am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007 schrieb juan ehrenhaus:
> Hallo Packman Team,
> i am a user of suse since long tiem ago.
> I will appreciate your attention for the following:

> 2.-Limewire is an opensource program which is possibl to install in Linux.
> Roul was able to offer also an rpm for suse10.2 but he can not offer any
> update any more for this software.
> *Q: Can you offer an rpm file for this Application too?*
have a look at frostwire:

FrostWire is a gnutella client written in Java. It supports a number
of advanced features like ultrapeers (like FastTrack's supernodes),
automatic download retries, freeloader punishment, etc.

FrostWire is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client.

The purpose of FrostWire is to keep and maintain the freedoms that
LimeWire LLC may be forced to withdraw.

LimeWire LLC has been considering an alternative path to keep them
out of any legal situations they could be forced into. From what we
understand, LimeWire LLC intends to implement a DRM filtering
technology into their client. If LimeWire ever decides to implement
this DRM technology, we will be prepared to remove it from our code
and distribute the client under our own branding. However, we will
continue supporting the LimeWire client development and do not wish
to make fundamental or drastic changes to the LimeWire core itself.
FrostWire will not break with LimeWire's design philosophy. We will
always do our best to maintain a strong relationship with the
LimeWire Development Team.

FrostWire, although very much like LimeWire, will never offer a paid
version or a subscription service for the download or use of the
FrostWire application. FrostWire is a not-for-profit project. We will
never bundle our software with any type of adware, spyware, malware
or collect any personal or private data. FrostWire will always remain
free as in both price and freedom.

> Best regards
have fun

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