[packman] ppc rpms

Peter Czanik pczanik at fang.fa.gau.hu
Tue Oct 9 10:29:32 CEST 2007

Please see ftp://spike.fa.gau.hu/pub/pmppc103/ xine/vlc/mplayer are
already there, just as some other multimedia packages. Note, that many
packages do not build on PPC due to lack of good Java, broken sources or
makefiles, including some base libraries. For 10.2 I started to collect
reasons, there are many, please see:
Now I follow the strategy, that I compile a set of base packages for
multimedia and try to add, if anybody misses a package. This is how
'mpd' and some of its clients were added. I also try to test each
package before uploading, which is just impossible when dealing with too
many packages.

Ionut Grigorescu wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to help with some PPC rpms.
> I own an iBook g4.
> I will be able to compile the whole list of packages in the repo,
> but I will do what my time allows me, and I will start with libxine.
> Best Regards

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