[packman] gstreamer*: Packman shuts down freshly installed OpenSUSE 10.3

Stanislav Brabec utx at penguin.cz
Fri Oct 5 21:45:47 CEST 2007


I just encountered, that installing gstreamer packages from Packman
shuts down a freshly installed 10.3 GNOME.

It is caused by the fact, that 10.3 no more refers to /opt/gnome and any
library installed there is invisible for the system unless you install
opt_gnome-compat. And even if you install it, you could have problems
with libtool, which is not move-prone.

Second problem are too strict requirements in 10.3 gstreamer packages,
which cause conflicts in requirements. To replace all 10.3 packages by a
simple update, all of them must have higher version or at least release.

Stanislav Brabec

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