[packman] Bye all

Aniruddha mailing_list at orange.nl
Sun Nov 4 00:31:40 CET 2007

I would like to say goodbye. During an discussion on the Packman mailing
list about the security policy of the Packman repo (see
http://schiffbauer.net/pipermail/packman/2007-November/thread.html ) I
realized openSUSE isn't what I looking for. To be honest this has also
something to do with the rude manner in which my questions were

I really liked openSUSE 10.3 and the roadmap that lays ahead. I wish you
all good luck and thanks for helping me with all my questions. For now
I'll restore my Gentoo image and I will concentrate on building a Gentoo

@About The Dutch Mailing List
Unfortunately this also means I can't continue my support for the Dutch
mailing list. I hope you understand and sorry for the inconvenience.

I am really sorry but this means I won't be able to help out with the
Dutch wiki. 



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