[packman] New k3b package

Herbert Graeber herbert at links2linux.de
Tue Mar 27 22:22:20 CEST 2007

Am Dienstag, 27. März 2007 schrieb Rainer Lay:
> in suse/testing/k3b, I copied a new package.
> In this package, there are the codec plugins, which are missing in the
> openSUSE buildservice package of rpm.
> As I mentioned before, my plan is to not provide an additional k3b
> package, but to add the missing codecs in a seperate package.

Neverthless the k3b package should be provided, too, because it is packman 
policy to rely on the original distribution and packman itself only.

But it would not be neccessary to update the packman k3b and the packman 
codecs on every update in the KDE:Backports repository, at least as long as 
there are no changes in plugin interfaces. So k3b should work for our users 
if they dpo not use KDE:Backports and if the do, even when the k3b package 
there has been updated.

> Please test this rpm together with the k3b.rpm from the buildservice
> (http://repos.opensuse.org/KDE:/Backports/ ...)

I have checked the MP3 codecs. Encoding MP3 works, decoding not. K3b gives a 
message the it cannot find libmad at start.

> I build this package with a patch against the original spec file. This
> patch is in this directory, too.

The package k3b-mad should be obsoleted and provided by k3b-packmancodecs.


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