[packman] Collective bugreport

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Mon Mar 5 00:43:39 CET 2007


just a quick mail to notify the packagers that there are bugs in some 
packages. If you happen to be maintainer for a specific package, please 
fix it at the next best time, thanks.
Only files in the 10.2 tree were examined.

Packages created by Toni Graffy contain 

	Packager    : Toni Graffy <toni at link2linus.de>

it should perhaps be @links2linux.de.

Running the following examination command

	for i in *.src.rpm; do
		rpm -qp "$i" --qf="%{PACKAGER}\t%{NAME}\n"; 
	done | sort

turned up a number of oddities (full list at the end of mail):

	%packager       faac
	%packager       lame
	%packager       lame
	(none)  ac3jack
	(none)  bonk
	<many more>

Similarly, querying for %{DISTRIBUTION} does not always return "openSUSE 
10.2" as Novell/SUSE uses. Or one of %distribution or (none).
Some also have "9.3", "10.0" or "10.1" in them.

Same goes for %{VENDOR}.

CELayoutEditor links against wxWidgets 2.6, but Packman offers WX 2.8, 
so the user is forced to choose one.

Some packages have a lot of excessive Requires: tags, e.g. 
ingen-0.4pre-0.pm.svn20070224. Picking a Require: from ingen,

	Requires: libxml2 >= 2.6

This dependency is automatically added through the AutoReqProv mechanism 
(enabled by default) if there is a binary that links against libxml2.

Just a hint: Quite every specfile uses %{macro}. However, RPM also 
accepts %macro, just as bash takes both $var and ${var}.

Some specfiles have Packager:/Vendor:/etc. tags. These _do not_ 
belong into specfiles, but your .rpmmacros file, or whatever is 
appropriate for the build system you are using. The full list is at the 
end of the mail. Examples:
	Lin3gp.spec:Vendor:         Packman
	MPlayer.spec:Vendor:            %vendor
(Plus, Vendor: always defaults to %vendor so that line is redundant, 
but see (4).)

Some packages (e.g. CELayoutEditor) link against wxWidgets 2.6, 
but packman provides a 2.8 so these are mutually exclusive if a user 
attempts to install either wx or CEL. You might want to look through it.

Jan Engelhardt

<<< List of packages that require attention as per (2) and (8)

175 of 842 files.

3gpwiz.spec                  libfwbuilder-template.spec
ETL.spec                     libifp.spec
KHeiseRegister.spec          libinklevel.spec
Lin3gp.spec                  libjs.spec
MPlayer.spec                 libkexif.spec
ProjectX.spec                libkipi.spec
SDL_sound.spec               libmodplug.spec
Win32-Codecs.spec            libmpd.spec
a52dec.spec                  libmpeg2.spec
aMule.spec                   libmpeg3.spec
abcm2ps.spec                 libqwt5.spec
abcmidi.spec                 libstk.spec
aldrin.spec                  libtheora.spec
alsamodular.spec             libxine1.spec
audacity.spec                libzzub.spec
avidemux.spec                live.spec
baghira.spec                 lsdvd.spec
bashdb.spec                  luma.spec
bibletime-template.spec      lxdvdrip.spec
bsc.spec                     mad.spec
camstream.spec               mandvd.spec
clucene-core-template.spec   mbrola-de1.spec
digikam.spec                 mbrola-de2.spec
digikamimageplugins.spec     mbrola-de3.spec
divx.spec                    mbrola-de4.spec
divx4linux.spec              mbrola-de5.spec
dolphin.spec                 mbrola-de6.spec
dummy.spec                   mbrola-de7.spec
dvbcut.spec                  mbrola-de8.spec
dvd+rw-tools.spec            mbrola.spec
dvd-slideshow.spec           mjpegtools.spec
dvdbackup.spec               mlt.spec
dvdrip.spec                  mpd.spec
dvdshrink.spec               mpeg4ip.spec
dvdwizard.spec               mpg321.spec
easytag.spec                 mpgtx.spec
ekiga-template.spec          mplayerplug-in.spec
eqonomize.spec               ncmpc.spec
faac.spec                    njam.spec
faad2.spec                   nvclock.spec
fame.spec                    opal.spec
feh.spec                     perl-Event.spec
ffmpeg.spec                  perl-Sysadm-Install.spec
ftpcopy.spec                 perl-curses-ui.spec
fwbuilder-template.spec      perl-libintl-perl.spec
g3data.spec                  powermanga.spec
galan.spec                   pwlib.spec
gcompris.spec                pydb.spec
gmpc.spec                    python-smbpasswd.spec
gtkglext.spec                python-sqlite2.spec
gxine.spec                   python-zzub.spec
hddtemp.spec                 qdvdauthor.spec
highlight.spec               qloud.spec
hplip-template.spec          qtiplot.spec
ihu.spec                     quadkonsole.spec
imlib2.spec                  rar.spec
ink.spec                     remake.spec
jakarta-commons-net.spec     replex.spec
k3b.spec                     rosegarden.spec
k3bmonkeyaudioplugin.spec    rpmkey-packman.spec
k9copy.spec                  rssowl.spec
kaffeine-mozilla.spec        sox.spec
kaffeine.spec                speex.spec
kavi2svcd.spec               subtitleripper.spec
kipi-plugins.spec            sweep.spec
klear.spec                   synfig.spec
kmediafactory.spec           synfigstudio.spec
knemo.spec                   tagtool.spec
konqburn.spec                tclabc.spec
koverartist.spec             toolame.spec
krd.spec                     tora.spec
ksensors.spec                totem.spec
ksplash-engine-moodin.spec   transcode.spec
kstreamripper-template.spec  tuxsaver.spec
kwave.spec                   uae.spec
kzenexplorer.spec            vamps.spec
lame.spec                    vlc.spec
lastfm.spec                  vobcopy.spec
libassetml.spec              x264.spec
libcaca.spec                 xchat-mpdplugin.spec
libdca.spec                  xine-browser-plugin.spec
libdv.spec                   xine-ui.spec
libdvbpsi4.spec              xmms.spec
libdvdcss2.spec              xsane.spec
libdvdread.spec              xvid.spec
libexiv2.spec                xvid4conf.spec
libfame.spec                 xvidcap.spec

<<< List of packages that may require attention as per (6)

701 of 842 files.

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