[packman] pm version numbers fall behind opensuse repoistory versions for some applications...

Simon Lewis simon.lewis at mnet-online.de
Wed Jun 6 12:28:07 CEST 2007

Dear Packman

For some applications (see list below) the packman version numbers are
lower than the opensuse version numbers. Thus on selecting "upgrade to
latest version" from the Yast package manager right mouse sub-menu "all
items in this list", the opensuse version is installed and not the
latest packman version.

My system; opensuse 10.2 - KDE 3.5.7 x86

Application 	opensuse version number
boost 	1.33.1-42
boost-devel 	1.33.1-42
digikam 	0.9.1-47.3
digikamimageplugins 	0.9.1-43.2
dssi 	0.9.1-39
k3b 	1.0.1-31.1
kdemultimedia3-arts 	3.5.7-12.1
kdemultimedia3-mixer 	3.5.7-12.1
kipi-plugins 	0.1.3+svn655000-31.1
libexiv2 	0.14-2.1
libgpod 	0.4.2-6.1
libkexiv2 	0.1.2-3.1
libsndfile 	1.0.17-21
libsndfile-devel 	1.0.17-21
libsndfile-octave 	1.0.17-21
libxml2-python 	2.6.26-29
physfs 	1.0.1-32
physfs-devel 	1.0.1-32
seq24 	0.8.7-17
xmms-jack 	0.17-14

Best regards, Simon Lewis

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