[packman] Azureus-

Vahis waxborg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 05:44:58 CET 2007

Toni wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2007 20:44 schrieb Vahis:
>> Toni wrote:
>>> so try to do a "full upgrade" of the java packages, and not only the
>>> patch-rpms. perhaps this solve your problem.
>> I have run "Update if newer version is available" every now and then, so
>> my versions of packages are normally more or less the newest available
>> on Suse, Guru and Packman servers.
>> As they are now, there doesn't seem to be newer java or
>> Azureus-libswt3-gtk2 versions for 10.0 i586.
>>> do you have a 32bit or 64bit SuSE ?
>> 32 bit.
>>> which Azureus-libswt3-gtk2 is installed ?
>>> rpm -q Azureus-libswt3-gtk2
>> Azureus-libswt3-gtk2-3.3M4_I20061214_1445-0.pm.3
>>> if the version is NOT
>>> Azureus-libswt3-gtk2-3.3M4_I20061214_1445-0.pm.4
>>> updat to this one
>>> http://packman.links2linux.de/package/Azureus-libswt3-gtk2/20235
>> Isn't that for 64 bit?
> cut and copy :)
> I thought I've already released a 0.pm.3, but the newest version for 32 and 64 
> is 0.pm.3. So forget the last posting, its hard to follow two threads (one 
> 10.2 64bit and one 10.0 32 bit)
> ok, back to the topic:
> you said, that all Azureus and Azureus-libswt3-gtk2 versions where functional 
> with the java version java-1_5_0-sun-1.5.0_03-2, and after the upgrade from 
> java-1_5_0-sun-xxx the problem starts.

Right. I've rolled back to that and everything is fine.

> so try to figure out the difference beetween those two java-packages
> rpm -ql <package>   > p1.txt
> rpm -qlp <uninstalled-package> > p2.txt
> and compare the results.
> (if you are using smart, you can look in the cache for both packages)

I'm not using Smart.

And I'm afraid I'm more an end user than a programmer, so I guess I'll
leave that to programmers.

> perhaps this difference brings some light in the problem....
> and, did you update full packages or only the patch-rpms ?
> try a "full" update

What do you mean by full update? Download java from Sun?

I do prefer using packages from Suse whenever possible.

1.5.0_03-2 are the newest available for download on Suse installation
source servers.

1.5.0_10-0.1.1 are security patches from update servers. They have a
very enlightening description:

"The SUN Java packages have been upgraded to 1.5.0_10 to fix various
security problems."


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