[packman] Howto build an rpm update tree

Alessandro Soraruf soraruf at ntd.homelinux.org
Tue Jan 23 16:13:13 CET 2007

Hi Packman,
	my personal compliments for your great job!
I'm trying to build my internal update server to reduce the update time but I 
haven't found hod to rebuild the metainformation files... I'm able to rebuild 
a dvd and to modify it using the scripts (lightly modified) found on opensuse 
but about the update tree I've only found information about syncing a local 
tree with the other mirrors via rsync...
Could you help me in finding such informations and/or public available 

At home, I use Slackware and I spend time to build packages for it, I like to 
experiment other unix systems like IRIX HPUX Solaris BSD etc... (my Hw is 
highly heterogeneous... ;-)) so I don't have enough time to build multimedia 
rpm for suse too... One day as soon as I can spend some hours on a suse box 
at home too I'll contribute with some new rpm too ;-)

Thanks a lot

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