[packman] requesting to contribut to packman

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Mon Jan 15 09:25:58 CET 2007

Dear Madams and Sirs

I keep several RPM packages and TTF font files that are important for
most Chinese users but unfortunately didn't go to main SuSE source
distribution. I have been distributing these files for more then one
year and now I wish I can submit these packages to packman (and maintain
them) so that more people can get these packages.

They are 

     1. stardict-related packages (a dictionary software in GPL
        available from stardict.sf.net ) and
     2. Chinese font package (CJK unifont, an AR PL font which is
        released in an opensource license).

Currently I only have RPM package of stardict for x86 (not x86_64). As I
don't have an 64-bit machine yet I probably need other people's help on
getting an 64-bit package. I can also package the TTF font files in RPM.
I hope you can accept these two packages.

Optionally I hope you can accept me submitting font package for Gentium,
an opensource font package that is available for a lot other Linux
distributions (Debian, Gentoo...) and is my personal favorite.

If you would like to accept this I'd like to pack the TTF files into
packages and upload these packages.

Best Regards

Zhang Weiwu

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