[packman] instable Amule 2.1.3

yokhanan spirit.yokhanan at orange.fr
Thu Jan 11 19:53:35 CET 2007

I've tried to send a message in english, but it seems that it didnt
reach the mailing list.
my problem: I'm using suse 10.2. When, after openning amule 2.1.3, on
search video, and after starting the download of the video file  I've
chosen, I make a clic on "delete"(the search)
at this moment Amule all disepear ! I've tried many times but the effect
is the same even on my office computer. What can I do ? In the past, if
I remenber, I've got the same problem
with suse 9.2 and an older version of Amule.
sincerely      Marcel

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