[packman] Re: [PM] kdenlive 0.6.0 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Lee Matheson lee at matheson.net
Fri Dec 28 20:28:45 CET 2007

Hi Tony,

I just double checked this latest version of KDENLIVE, and contary to my
belief below, it IS still possible to edit the start/stop of video clips
within the latest kdenlive-0.6.0-0.pm.svn20071227.i586.  But it must be
done from the time line on the actual Track, as opposed to the older
method of editing in the Clip Monitor.

However I see no means of restoring the lost functionality of the
"speed" effect.

aka oldcpu

On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 19:55 +0100, Lee Matheson wrote:
> I have a problem with the latest
> kdenlive-0.6.0-0.pm.svn20071227.i586.rpm
> The latest kdenlive-0.6.0-0.pm.svn20071227.i586.rpm is missing (has
> regressed from earlier version features) features in the handling of
> videos.  For example, when marking the start (and stop) of a video clip,
> and then dragging it to the timeline, when the clip is in the timeline,
> it does not recognize the video start markings, but rather starts from
> the start of the video clip.  This means videos can't be clipped inslide
> kdenlive, but must be accurately clipped outside kdenlive, which is a
> regression from the functionality of the previous kdenlive version.
> Another effect with problems is the video effect called "speed".  This
> effect is missing in the latest packman build.  This effect will double
> or tripple the speed of an added video clip.  This effect was in earlier
> kdenlive versions.
> Since I used this speed feature extensively with earlier kdenlive
> version, this mean I was not able to go back to my older videos for
> editing of mistakes.
> Now these could be bugs in the kdenlive-svn20071227, but unfortunately
> once kdenlive-0.6.0-0.pm.svn20071227.i586.rpm is installed from Packman,
> because of dependency version issues, it is not possible to roll back
> kdelive, and still have a functioning kdenlive.
> ================  Details of failed roll back attempt ==============
> I did try to roll back.
> I was not able to downgrade my kdenlive to kdenlive-0.5-0.pm.2.i586.rpm,
> without breaking functionality.  Downgrading kdenlive to the older
> version meant, when I ever I loaded a video, kdenlive would crash,
> because (I think) because the older kdenlive-0.5-0.pm.2.i586.rpm is not
> functionally compatible with the latest
> libffmpeg0-0.4.9-9.pm.svn20071223.i686.rpm nor possibly latest
> mlt-0.2.4-0.pm.3.i586.rpm (and it needs the older libffmeg and libmlt).
> When I tried to downgrade libffmpeg, my package managers had a
> dependency problem (requiring removal of mlt-0.2.4-0.pm.3.i586.rpm and
> mlt++-0.2.2-0.pm.7.i586.rpm in addition to removal of
> kdenlive-0.5-0.pm.2.i586.rpm), possibly because kdenlive requires
> mlt-0.2.4-0.pm.3.i586.rpm and mlt++-0.2.2-0.pm.7.i586.rpm, which in turn
> require the latest libffmpeg.  
> Once the older libffmpeg0-0.4.9-8.pm.svn20070902.i686.rpm was in place,
> I tried to install kdenlive-0.5-0.pm.2.i586.rpm.  But when I then tried
> to re-install kdenlive-0.5-0.pm.2.i586.rpm, it in turn required
> mlt-0.2.4-0.pm.3.i586.rpm and mlt++-0.2.2-0.pm.7.i586.rpm, which
> required re-install of the latest
> libffmpeg0-0.4.9-9.pm.svn20071223.i686.rpm again.  To avoid this
> inter-dependency loop, I believe I need the older mlt and mlt++
> versions.  Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the older mlt and mlt
> ++ versions, and thus I can not downgrade to them.
> Thus I am forced back to use the latest
> kdenlive-0.6.0-0.pm.svn20071227.i586.rpm, which is missing some
> important features in older kdenlive versions.
> Thankyou for looking in to this.
> My apologies if the above is confusing.
> Lee
> aka oldcpu

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