[packman] Re: [PM] pulseaudio 0.9.8 (openSUSE 10.3/i586)

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Mon Dec 24 11:29:21 CET 2007

Am Montag, 24. Dezember 2007 schrieb Schlomo Schapiro:
> Hi,
> upgrading from SuSE 10.3 installed pulseaudio 0.9.6 to PM pulseaudio 0.9.8
> fails because the package layout of the PM packages is different than the
> SuSE layout and some SuSE provided tools require the SuSE package which
> apparently is not covered by an obsoletes clause in the corresponding PM
> package:
> file /usr/lib/libpulse.so.0 from install of libpulse0-0.9.8-0.pm.1
> conflicts with file from package pulseaudio-libs-0.9.6-39
> file /usr/lib/libpulse-browse.so.0 from install of
> libpulse-browse0-0.9.8-0.pm.1 conflicts with file from package
> pulseaudio-libs-0.9.6-39
> Can you please fix the PM pulseaudio packages to cleanly install ?
no, I won't.

see discussion for topic pulseaudio on our mailinglist in November/December:


And for your information, these pulseaudio packages in the build-server 
repository are no officially SuSE-packages, same for the my packman packages. 
My packages follow the rules of the shared-library policy from SuSE. So feel 
free to file a bug, for the "wrong" packaged (in sense of the shared library 
policy from SuSE) pulseaudio packages in the Build-Server repository.

> Thanks,
> Schlomo
have fun

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