[packman] [PM]%20amarok%201.4.8%20(openSUSE%2010.3/i586)

kristjan kristjan.ugrin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 01:13:12 CET 2007

Hi! I'm using amarok 1.4.8 on opensuse 10.3 with mysql backend.

Every time I start it, takes several seconds to become responsive, but
only when I use mysql as backend, sometimes it even displays an error
like "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly.". If I stop
mysql service or use sqlite it starts immediatelly, no freezes or
Unfortunately I can't get any usefull verbose output from it. This
didn't happened with 1.4.7.

Did some digging and my explanation for "The process for the file
protocol died unexpectedly." (integrated file browser actually stops
working after that message) is because amarok is being stalled with
mysql backend, while initializing file browser. This is what first
came to my mind.  Is it possible to have more verbose output to see
why it is stalling?

It is annoying, when using kirocker applet, becouse half desktop
freezes with it :)



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