[packman] [PM] vlc 0.8.6c (openSUSE 10.2/i686)

Lee Matheson lee at matheson.net
Thu Aug 30 20:43:03 CEST 2007

Hi !

There is a problem with vlc/ffmpeg with xvid codecs.

vlc-0.8.6c.0.pm.2 will not play avi files of xvid codec.  Purportedly it
will not handle some other codec formats as well.  I believe this is due
to it being broken with one of the newer ffmpeg versions.

Specifically, the lastest:
vlc-0.8.6c-0.pm.2.i686.rpm and ffmpeg-0.4.9-8.pm.svn20070724.i686.rpm
and  libffmpeg0-0.4.9-8.pm.svn20070724.i686.rpm  will not play avi files
of xvid codec.

But the older vlc-0.8.6c-0.pm.0.i686.rpm and the older
ffmpeg-0.4.9-8.pm.svn20070218.i686.rpm and the older
libffmpeg0.0.4.9-8.pm.svn20070218.i686 will play avi files of xvid

Somewhere between the three application versions, xvid support was
broken in vlc during an ffmpeg update.

Is it possible to update vlc to work with the new ffmpeg ?  Or is it
possible to come up with another work around?

The forum thread on this issue:

Thank you for your consideration.  I have read the ffmpeg team, will on
occasion, update their application practically with out regard to their
interface with other applications, and hence this can make a packagers
job very very difficult.  Your efforts are appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your efforts in this.

Best regards,

aka oldcpu

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