[packman] Re: [PM] MythTV 0.20 (SuSE 10.1/i586)

Simon simon at links2linux.de
Sun Sep 17 21:49:52 CEST 2006

On Friday 15 September 2006 23:58, Herbert Graeber wrote:
> Hi Simon!
> As you know I have my own mythtv rpms for SUSE. Now for mythtv 0.20 I have
> tried your RPMs again. It works fine, but it has some minor problems...
> 1. The dependencys between packages are too strict. The plugins with
> version 0.20-1 do not need exactly libmyth version 0.20-1. 0.20 without
> requiring a specific release will be sufficient.

Yep, I'll fixup the dependencies on the plugins RPMs in the next 24hours or 

> 2. The dependencies of MythArchive are not ok. I have to install
> python-mysql to make it work. Further it requires growisofs. There is no
> package with this name. Instead it should depend on the package
> dvd+rw-tools. This one contains the program groisofs.

Yep, on the list. 

> One problem specific to my installation: My packges use an init script,
> that makes mythbackend run as a non-root user specified
> in /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend. I would like to incorporate this into your
> packages (The default for the user should be root to prevent breaking older
> mythtv installations).

> Another nice thing that i can provide is a session file, that lets a user
> start mythtv directly from login. I have a special passwordless user using
> this session on one of my machines, so that my children can use mythtv.
> If you are interested to add this features, it would be nice when would add
> your spec file and patches to the packman svn. So I can add the changes
> myself. If you prefer another way to merge my pieces into the rpms, please
> tell me.

I'd like to get these features into my packges. I'll work with you on them 
once I get the plugins RPMs fixed for the above problems (and add mythweb to 

the spec files and patches etc are in packman's SVN though. 

> Furthermore, i am able to compile for older SUSE distros (10.0, 9.3).

Yes, I can build for 10.0 too, and want to get the open suse build environment 
setup to crank them out, but that's a slightly longer term project. 

simon at link2linux.de 

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