[packman] [PM] cinelerra 2.1.cv909 (SuSE 10.1/x86_64)

Peter Czanik pczanik at fang.fa.gau.hu
Sun Oct 29 22:18:37 CET 2006


Leon Freitag írta:
> Okay. I'll try to do it asap (when I have internet or at least some free time 
> and a place with two outlets in the library :) ) and Henne is ready with 
> MPlayer/x264 update.
> Does it build with opengl support on PPC?
Good question, I'm not at the compiler machine this time. All I did was
that I took a rev946 with PPC patches and recompiled with y2pmsh using
the SPEC file from your uploaded source rpm. If that has opengl, then I
used it :-) I just had to add a 'reconfig' or similar just before
'configure' in the spec file. rev947 of cinelerra should already have
real PPC support in it, not just a dirty hack patch. Bye,

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