[packman] [PM] cinelerra 2.1.cv909 (SuSE 10.1/x86_64)

Jacob Allen syndicate2006 at eircom.net
Sun Oct 29 03:09:34 CET 2006

Hi Leon,
Cheers for uploading the 64 bit version of Cinelerra, everything
installed fine except for one thing, apparently I'm unable to load my
default theme, I get this error message every-time I try run it. Here's
what I get:

MWindow::init_theme: theme S.U.V. not found.

I Googled the error message, and tried out different solutions such as
deleting the .bcast folder and changing the THEME line in Cinelerra_rc
from S.U.V to Blond, but none of them worked. Would you know if anyone
else has the same problem with the 64 bit version?
Sincerely thanks
Jacob Allen

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