[packman] K3b Dependency error

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Thu Oct 12 21:51:43 CEST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2006 20:12 schrieb Rainer Lay:

> AFAIK, rpm doesn't check for architecture, when looking for required
> rpms (when it is installed, it sould by ok anyway).

It checks the architecture. Only compatible packages are installed. Ever 
tried to install a x86_64 or ppc package on a ia32 computer or a i686 
package on a i586 only machine?

> AFAIK, automatic installers (ZEN, apt, smart, ...), when trying to
> resolve requirements, they look for the same architecture. They do
> not take other rpms with compatible architecture.

YaST handles i586 and i686 packages correct, ZEN normaly too and apt 
also when you include both repositories. Smart is AFAIK the only tool 
that can't do it. The special thing on faac is, I've build a i686 
version in the past and only i586 at the last update. ZEN don't want to 
install a new i586 package over a old i686 version. YaST ask's if this 
is correct (the much better solution).

> So we have three possibilities:
> 1. install the required package manually (what you did)
> 2. additionally build a i686 package
> 3. removeall i686 packages :-)

4. keep on building like now

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