[packman] Re: [PM] JSkat 0.5 (SuSE 10.1/noarch)

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Wed Nov 8 16:57:19 CET 2006

Am Mittwoch, 8. November 2006 16:36 schrieb Jan Schäfer:
> Hello,
Hello Jan,

> I'm Jan Schäfer, the project admin of JSkat. I'm very glad that you have
> choosen JSkat to be included in the packman repository. Unfortunately
> some things are broken in the package you provide for Suse 10.1 (the one
> I've tested so far):
> When I try to install JSkat-0.5-0.pm.1.noarch.rpm there is a dependency
> to log4j listed but no provider is available. I think this is not
> needed, because in the file JSkat-0.5.jar all necessary files should be
> included. I've seen that you have deleted the files related to log4j
> from the original JSkat-0.5.jar. This also stands for the
> Metouia-Look'n'feel that is copied as seperate Jar file. Is there any
> reason why these things are seperated from the original Jar file?
yes, on the packman-site are only the package-dependencies listed from 
packman. The other packages are normally found on the SuSE-DVD/CD. 

And as log4j is included in the standard distri and need not to be installed 
per program. And is not listed on the packman site. The best thing users do 
normally: they include packman as a installation source in their 
package-managers and install all programms with the package manager.

e.g. smart install JSkat
==> all dependencies will be solved and log4j will be installed

The metouia.jar is included in the package :)
...prove it with rpm -ql JSkat-0.5-0.pm.1.noarch.rpm
and if some other packages will also use the metuia.jar, I can provide it as a 
separate package to use by other programs too.

The package is installed according the jpackage-rules (used by SuSE for 

And believe me jskat is working !

> JSkat is undergoing an extensive refactoring at the moment. That's why
> the last release was back in November 2005. How can I inform you, when
> the next version is ready?
you can email me, otherwise I check often my packages, and I monitor the 
cvs/svn repos of the most of my maintained packages, so I will recognize 
it ;)

> Greetings and thanks again,
> Jan Schäfer

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