[packman] [PM] hplip 1.6.9

packman.e.BirrerEd at xoxy.net packman.e.BirrerEd at xoxy.net
Wed Dec 13 10:53:02 CET 2006

Hello Quentin

First I like to thank you: I appreciate very much the work of packman for 
providing packages newer than those from SUSE, and even installable with 

Then:  I just need a newer printer driver for my HP printer. But I have 
only Suse 10.0 and I don't like to upgrade the whole system just for a 
printer driver. I have found the package above, but it says it is for Suse 
I guess this would not work for Suse 10.0 or would it? If not, is there a 
packman package for hplip for Suse 10.0? Or do you know of another such 
package that can be used with Yast? (I don't like to install other 
packages with rpm and without using Yast because then the inconsistencies 
start to creep up...)

Thanks very much for your help!

Kind regards
Edith Birrer

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