[packman] [PM] mplayerplug-in 3.25 (SuSE 10.1/i586)

James Ogley james at usr-local-bin.org
Wed Dec 6 12:05:00 CET 2006

Hi Rainer,

I've updated the mplayerplug-in spec file to build the latest version -
3.31.  This adds an additional DivX plugin.

I've attached it for your perusal.

James Ogley
james at usr-local-bin.org http://usr-local-bin.org
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# Packmangroup: Multimedia
# Packmanpackagename: mplayerplug-in
# Packman: Rainer Lay
# Packmandepends: MPlayer

Name:           mplayerplug-in
Version:        3.31
Release:        0.pm.0
Packager:       Rainer <rainer at links2linux.de>
Vendor:         suse
Distribution:	SUSE Linux 10.2 (i586)

Source0:        mplayerplug-in-3.31.tar.gz

Patch0:         patch-mplayer-plugin-opera-051213.patch
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/buildroot-%{name}-%{version}

License:	GPL
Group: 		Browser/Plugin
Summary: 	MPlayer Plugin for Netscape/Mozilla
Summary(de): 	MPlayer Plugin für Netscape/Mozilla
URL: 		http://mplayerplug-in.sourceforge.net/
Requires:	MPlayer
BuildRequires:	gecko-sdk

%define config_dir /etc

mplayerplug-in is a Netscape/Mozilla browser plugin to allow playing embedded movies on web pages.

Should work with Mozilla and MozillaFirefox

%description -l de
mplayerplug-in ist ein Netscape/Mozilla browser plugin, dass das Abspielen von eingebetteten 
Filmen erlaubt.

Sollte mit Mozilla und MozillaFirefox funktionieren.

%setup -qn %{name}
%patch -p1

export CFLAGS="`/opt/mozilla/bin/mozilla-config --cflags` -DMOZILLA_STRICT_API"
%configure --with-faad --enable-wmp --enable-qt --enable-rm --enable-gmp
# --enable-x
make %{?jobs:-j%jobs}

[ -d %{buildroot} -a "%{buildroot}" != "" ] && rm -rf  %{buildroot}
./install.sh %{buildroot}
mv %{buildroot}%_libdir/mozilla/plugins %{buildroot}%_libdir/browser-plugins
rmdir  %{buildroot}%_libdir/mozilla
chmod +x %{buildroot}%_libdir/browser-plugins/*xpt
install -d %{buildroot}%{config_dir}/ld.so.conf.d
pkg-config --libs-only-L xulrunner-plugin | perl -npe "s/-L//" > %{buildroot}%{config_dir}/ld.so.conf.d/mplayerplug-in.conf

for d in /opt/mozilla/lib /opt/MozillaFirefox/lib ; do
  for mod in in-gmp in-qt in-rm in-rm in-wmp in ; do
    if [ -d $d/plugins    ]; then ln -sf %_libdir/browser-plugins/mplayerplug-$mod.so $d/plugins/;     fi
    if [ -d $d/components ]; then ln -sf %_libdir/browser-plugins/mplayerplug-$mod.xpt $d/components/; fi

for d in /opt/mozilla/lib /opt/MozillaFirefox/lib ; do
  for mod in in-gmp in-qt in-rm in-rm in-wmp in ; do
    if [ -e $d/plugins/mplayerplug-$mod.so     ]; then rm -f $d/plugins/mplayerplug-$mod.so ; fi
    if [ -e $d/components/mplayerplug-$mod.xpt ]; then rm -f $d/components/mplayerplug-$mod.xpt ; fi

[ -d %{buildroot} -a "%{buildroot}" != "" ] && rm -rf  %{buildroot}

%defattr (-,root,root)

* Wed Dec 06 2006  <james at usr-local-bin.org> - <3.31>-<0.pm.0>
- updated to 3.31
- Added mplayerplug-in-dvx.*

* Fri Jul 14 2006  <rainer at links2linux.de> - <3.25>-<0.pm.7>
- removed enable-x; opera requires it, but menu is missing this way

* Mon Jun 26 2006  <rainer at links2linux.de> - <3.25>-<0.pm.5>
- added opera patch and hack in /etc/ld.so.conf.d

* Sun May 14 2006  <rainer at links2linux.de> - <3.25>-<0.pm.1>
- adjusted for 10.1
- thx to jsiebert at arcor.de

* Fri Aug 12 2005  <rainer at links2linux.de> - <3.05>-<0.pm.2>
- fix for postun

* Thu Aug 11 2005  <rainer at links2linux.de> - <3.05>-<0.pm.1>
- added xpi

* Tue Sep 28 2004 Rainer Lay <rainer at links2linux.de> <2.70>-<0.pm.1>
- enabled for MozillaFirefox

* Tue Nov 18 2003  <rainer at links2linux.de> <1.0pre2>
- adjusted mozilla plugin path

* Mon Nov 17 2003 Rainer Lay <rainer at links2linux.de> 3.25-0.pm.7
- added etc files
- added german desc

* Sun Jun 08 2003 Henne Vogelsang <henne at links2linux.de>
- First think then release! fixed post script
* Sun Jun 08 2003 Henne Vogelsang <henne at links2linux.de>
- Initial Package, Version 0.80

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