[packman] fluxbox packages

Olav Pettershagen olav.pet at online.no
Sat Apr 22 12:02:39 CEST 2006

Hello there,

I noticed that the most recent fluxbox packages for SUSE 10 (the 0.9.15 
series) are somewhat broken..

Well, the actual packages are not broken but the "show background" strategy in 
fluxbox is changed in the latest versions and this is not reflected in the 
provided standard styles/themes in your SUSE packages. 

Therefore styles have to be tweaked manually to show backgrounds correctly.

Not a problem in my case but it might be confusing for people who e.g. want to 
test fluxbox for the first time or users who have had fluxbox working 
"out-of-the-box" and do not know how to tweak the standard styles.

One  theme is obviously crafted especially for SUSE so I thought perhaps the 
packager/maintainer had included all the "old" styles without considering the 
changed "background strategy".

Not a complaint really, just thought someone would want to know about the 


Olav Pettershagen
NO-2429 Tørberget

Tel. +47 62454707
Mob. +47 48141781

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