[packman] list of most frequent problems

Peter Czanik pczanik at fang.fa.gau.hu
Sun Apr 2 22:49:42 CEST 2006


Marcus Rueckert wrote:
>> Note that the same is true for "c_compiler" instead of "gcc"
>> But that's not really critical, as most of the software we're packaging
>> wouldn't compile with anything else than gcc/g++ anyway ;)
>> Also, don't forget to specify make and glibc-devel
> why would we need to specify all the base system packages? how about
> adding awk, sed, bash too? how about coreutils?
These are all included in /etc/y2pmbuild/dists/10.1, so there is no need 
to explicitly include them:
defaultpackages="aaa_base acl attr bash bind-libs bind-utils bison bzip2 
coreutils cpio cpp cracklib cvs cyrus-sasl db diffutils e2fsprogs file 
filesystem fillup findutils flex gawk gdbm-devel gettext-devel glibc 
glibc-devel glibc-locale gpm grep groff gzip info insserv klogd less 
libacl libattr libcom_err libgcc libnscd libstdc++ libxcrypt libzio m4 
make man mktemp module-init-tools ncurses ncurses-devel net-tools netcfg 
openldap2-client openssl pam pam-modules patch permissions popt procinfo 
procps psmisc pwdutils rcs readline sed strace sysvinit tar tcpd texinfo 
timezone unzip util-linux vim zlib zlib-devel autoconf automake binutils 
gcc gdbm gettext libtool perl rpm"

>>> - missing pkgconfig (configure is not able to find requirements, this
>>> solved the transcode problems)
> i would not need this unconditionally.
I did not say, that it's required. I just ask to make it a 
BuildRequires, if it's used, as it can cause a lot of interesting 
troubles if missing, when needed (see the transcode thread...). And it's 
often missing

>> Absolutely. Thanks again for your hard work :)
> just bring them up on the list. i will advocate using y2pmbuild a bit
> more. that should ease your job. :)
Thanks :-) That would ease my work a lot. I'm not a programmer (at 
least, Pascal is not considered a programming language by many 
people...), so I really need a reproducible environment to find and fix 
BTW: I just found, how fantastic utility vimdiff is. I can't imagine any 
better tool to compare two config.log file. But of course, I'm open to 
any suggestions :-)


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