[packman] introduction

Peter Czanik pczanik at fang.fa.gau.hu
Thu Sep 29 11:17:38 CEST 2005

I already sent e-mail to this list, but now I'm subscribed as well, so I
guess, it's time to introduce myself :-)

I'm Peter Czanik from Hungary. Most of my personal details are available
at my (a bit outdated) homepage at http://peter.czanik.hu/ . I'm a PhD
student at an Agricultural University, and not a computer major, but
still most of my time is spent in front of computers... I'm a sysadmin
at the University and help out a private company as well. I'm a SuSE
user from 4.2 (the first non SlackWare based edition), and used Jurix
before (on which 4.2 was based). I got my ODW (a Pegasos2 PPC based
desktop machine) three weeks ago.

What it means:
- can't program in C
- compiled lot's of software for my daily work
- reported countless bugs and fixes
- can fix some of the compilation errors
- can use strace to see, where programs go wrong

What I did recently:
- compiled some (those, which don't require too many packages missing
from the PPC CDs) of the Packman packages on PPC

My plans are for the near future:
- install 10.1 Alpha1 PPC to get a full development environment (my
local mirror is just syncing to opensuse.org)
- compile as many Packman packages with it, as I can to sort out
compilation problems with packages I couldn't yet to compile
- provide feedback to package maintainers, if necessary
- install 10.0 final, when it comes
- recompile all packages for 10.0 final as soon as possible
- update PPC packages, as maintainers post new SRPM versions

I don't paln to maintain any new packages, but will provide package
maintainers with feedback to my best knowledge to make packages compile
(and work) on PPC.

Sorry, if I was too long... ;-) Have a nice day! Bye,

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