[packman] Re: [opensuse] packman for PPC

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sat Sep 24 21:12:32 CEST 2005

Am Freitag 23 September 2005 19:26 schrieb Peter Czanik:

> It's far from complete, as I got tired from creating all the
> necessary '-devel' packages (full PPC distro is only available 6th
> October), and I'm not a programmer to fix broken altivec
> optimalisations.
> I have compiled:
> - libxine1
> - xine-ui
> - kaffeine
> - libdvdcss2 (as far as I know, it's legal to put it on-line here in
> Hungary, but I still have to consult a lawyer ;-) ).
> - vobcopy
> ( and some others, to get these running).
> This is enough to play any mp3/divx/dvd.

Hm, looks like my basic repository ;-)

I've added the ppc subdirectory to SUSE 10.0. It also is part of the 
build process of the yast repository.

If anybody could create the account, we are ready for take off.

> I used y2pmbuild-10.0 for building all of the packages. I had to
> modify some spec files with some additional BuildRequires lines, I
> can send you the changes, if you are interested (and it was not
> becouse of my error, but in this case, please explain it ;-) ).

Send the improfements to the packagers.

> Please provide me with some feedback: if they work for you, if I made
> any mistakes in packaging, etc. It's the first time, that I used
> y2pmbuild, and the first time, that looked at a spec file in 5-6
> years ;-)

My only PPC (a old PowerBook) doesn't work anymore, so I can't test, 
sorry. se I would build my packages for PPC like I've done for SUSE 

> Ps: I used the fixed vobcopy (thanks Christoph)
> Ps2: it's not long, so I add it here:
> I added this line to xine-ui.spec:
> BuildRequires:          libxine1 libxine1-devel libpng libpng-devel
> update-desktop-files aalib aalib-devel curl-devel libcaca-devel
> readline-devel caca-utils slang slang-devel pkgconfig

I've added the missing ones, thanks.

> And these lines to kaffeine.spec:
> BuildRequires:  libxine1

Hm, not necessary, when devel is inlcuded.

> BuildRequires:  libxine1-devel

Allready included (%{libname}-devel >= %{libvers})

> BuildRequires:  kdebase3-devel
> BuildRequires:  kdebase3
> BuildRequires:  kdelibs3-devel
> BuildRequires:  kdelibs3
> BuildRequires:  update-desktop-files

I'll add this for the next releases, thanks.

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