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Pascal Bleser guru at unixtech.be
Wed Oct 26 16:01:38 CEST 2005

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Richard Brock wrote:
> I've been scouring the 'net for the window manager Enlightenment .17.  I
> was told on several bulletin boards that your
> repositories (packman) would have it.  I've added most of your
> repositories into YaST as a source and still cannot find
> v .17 of Enlightenment.  Do you actually have it somewhere?

Hi Richard

Yes, the packages are available here:
(the version tag is actually 16.999 as its the latest beta version of 17, E17 not being released as
of now and probably not any time soon)

That page also lists the numerous dependencies.
You'd be best advised to use some package management frontend, such as YaST2 or apt, as it will
automatically retrieve and install all the requirements.

As you most probably have YaST2 installed ;), here's how to add the Packman repository (if it isn't

1) open a shell (e.g. konsole if you're on KDE, or xterm, gnome-terminal, whatever ;))
2) switch to the root user:
   su -
   (then enter the root password when prompted to do so)
3) enter the following command:
   installation_sources -a http://packman.inode.at/suse/10.0

(if you're not using SUSE 10.0 but e.g. 9.3, obviously replace the "10.0" at the end of the URL with
"9.3" ;))

You could also do the above using the YaST2 GUI (start YaST2 -> Software -> Installation Sources ->
add) but it's easier to explain using the command-line than where to click around on a GUI ;)

Note that a few other mirrors are available. If you notice that the one above is too slow for you,
you can always remove it and add another mirror, e.g.:

A mirror in the USA will be available soon, but currently they're all in Europe (Germany, Austria
and Belgium).

BTW, if you have other questions or remarks concerning Packman, please use packman at links2linux.de as
we're a team composed of several people.

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