[packman] transcode RPM

Simon Crute scrute at novell.com
Fri Oct 14 01:13:10 CEST 2005

Hi, Rainer, 
Got some time to look at myth again....

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 06:40, Rainer Lay wrote:
> as maintainer of transcode at packman, I will compile transcode for 10. As
> of now, I am installing 10 final and afterward, I can compile transcode.
> If it doesn't work with pvm, I will drop it :-).

Looking at the many ISOs there are, I've found pvm on the boxed set ISO. But I 
think it's strange not to find it on any of the public install sources. 
Unless it's just because the mirrors aren't up to date yet.....

> regarding mythDVD: please mail the spec file (and occasionally
> non-standard-sources) to the packman mailinglist.

It's a spec file that produces all the mythplugins. I'll email it to you off 

Also, I was installing transcode from packman, which required libffmpeg
When I search in yast, it shows libffmpeg0-0.4.9-5.pm.cvs20050918.i686, yet it 
sais it can't find the file when I try to install it. Looking in the packman 
directory, it shows libffmpeg0-0.4.9-4.pm.cvs20051009.i686.rpm. 

I've worked round it for myself, but it looks like there may be a problem 

Simon Crute
Novell UK

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