[packman] multisync packages

Marc Schiffbauer marc at schiffbauer.net
Mon Mar 7 16:17:09 CET 2005

* Alban browaeys schrieb am 05.03.05 um 22:05 Uhr:
> Hi
> debian has updated its multisync packages , it seems the ones in your
> repository are older.
> Maybe you could remove them (and save bandwitdh for other projects) ?
> There is a security with libcurl2 , this package has been removed from
> debian repository (and replaced by libcurl3) . the version in debian of
> libmultisync-plugin-opie  now use libcurl3, but the one from your
> repository stilluse libcurl2 and prevents upgrade.
> Until multisync 0.83 is uploaded your packages will not be replaced by
> the debian newer ones as your are named "multisync-0.82+*" and debian's
> are "multisync-0.82-*".

I upgraded my packages today. But *after* I saw your mail ;-)

Can you please tell me if it works for you with the new packages?

> Removing the packages from your repository won't help , maybe you could
> replace them by empty packages depending on the debian version one for a
> few days before removing them. But don't bother if it tkes too much
> time. Debian user using non official repository are supposed to check
> this kind of things.

Please try my new packages!

> I can provide these if you want to , but i don't know what is the best
> fix anyway ...

Since my packages are intented to replace 0.82 debian packages I
don't think there is a "solution".

> Thank you for your packages that have been there when debian ones where
> obsolete (and gpilotd heavily broken ).
> Alban

Thank you ;)

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