[packman] multisync packages

Alban browaeys browaeys.alban at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 5 22:05:09 CET 2005


debian has updated its multisync packages , it seems the ones in your
repository are older.
Maybe you could remove them (and save bandwitdh for other projects) ?

There is a security with libcurl2 , this package has been removed from
debian repository (and replaced by libcurl3) . the version in debian of
libmultisync-plugin-opie  now use libcurl3, but the one from your
repository stilluse libcurl2 and prevents upgrade.
Until multisync 0.83 is uploaded your packages will not be replaced by
the debian newer ones as your are named "multisync-0.82+*" and debian's
are "multisync-0.82-*".
Removing the packages from your repository won't help , maybe you could
replace them by empty packages depending on the debian version one for a
few days before removing them. But don't bother if it tkes too much
time. Debian user using non official repository are supposed to check
this kind of things.
I can provide these if you want to , but i don't know what is the best
fix anyway ...

Thank you for your packages that have been there when debian ones where
obsolete (and gpilotd heavily broken ).

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