[packman] Re: (fwd) packman hungarian mirror [Boldizsar.Nagy at sth.sze.hu]

Boldizsar Nagy Boldizsar.Nagy at sth.sze.hu
Wed Nov 3 09:18:17 CET 2004

2004. október 27. 12.02 dátummal Marc Schiffbauer ezt írta:

> Hi!


> > My main questions are:
> > Can i mirror Your packages?
> Yes, if its for public as well then...

It will be a public server

> For that I need your gpg public key and the IP-Address of the mirror
> server, as well as the http and/or ftp URLs under which the mirror
> will be available.

The ip is, ftp://mirrors.sth.sze.hu. How should i generate a 
gpg pub key which You need?
The server is already running. It is now a debian and suse mirror.

> You will then get an rsync account for that IP as well as some
> required rsync parameters.
> It might be usefull if you woul subscribe to the packman Mailinglist
> as well.

I think i will subscribe ftpadmin at sth.sze.hu to the mailing list. How many 
post are on that list weekly?

Best regards
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