[packman] kcube

alain sabban alain.sabban at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 29 08:19:57 CEST 2004

Hello Packman,

I've just installed SuSE 9.1. It's great. I'm coming from Mandrake world.
I really appreciate your repository of SuSE RPMS. Many thanks for that.
I'm desperately looking for SuSE a small kicker applet for KDE called kcube 
which is an opengl system load monitoring. I can't find it.

I've finally found the sources (version 0.61 : the official site does not seem 
to be up) I've compiled and installed it but when I insert it in kicker I've 
just a blank space in kicker. The compilation was ok. I've an Nvidia card and 
NVIDIA GLX is installed and the KDE opengl screensavers are working. I don't 
understand why kcube does not work. May be a conflict of libGL of Xfree and 
Nvidia GLX ?

Anyhow do you where I can find an RPM for kcube ? Or could you make it ?

Thanks for your help and nice WE / Alain

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