[packman] Re: freemind package for non-existent version?

Rainer Lay rainer.Lay at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Sat Jan 10 20:30:21 CET 2004


menawhile the freemind author stated, that version 0.7.0 was a mistake 
and will release in some days. So I uploaded version 0.6.7 again.
BTW, my gpg key is available at some keyservers.

kind regards,

Gabriel Indurskis wrote:
> Hi there,
> sorry to bother you with this, but I'm a little bit puzzled by one of the
> packages on your page: it's freemind on
> http://packman.links2linux.de/?action=322
> I was a bit surprised to find that on the official homepage, there is no
> version 0.7 available! according to that page, the latest version is
> 0.6_7.  Also, trying to verify the signature, I noticed that Rainer's
> public key is not in the keyfile at
> ftp://ftp.links2linux.de/pub/packman/public-keys.asc
> (not to mention that Rainer's key is not signed by anybody but himself).
> Independent of this, the rpm demands java2 to be installed, which seems to
> be not necessary for freemind to run (1.4 should work).
> Thanks for taking the time of looking into this,
> Happy New Year to you
> Gabriel Indurskis
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