[packman] MPlayer/xvid Broken Deps

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sat Dec 13 00:47:05 CET 2003

Hello Jerry A!,

> Do you have any plans to regenerate your MPlayer package?  Currently,
> it won't work w/the new xvidcore package that was just released a few
> days ago.  This is do to missing libraries.

MPlayer dosen't work with the new version at the moment. The program has 
to be changed to work with the new xvid api.

> xvid-0.9.9_1.0.0_beta1-0.pm.0 provides libxvidcore.so.4 &
> libxvidcore.so.2

I've added a symlink in this package to solve RPM dependencies, but it 
never would have worked.

> xvid-0.9.9_1.0.0_beta2-0.pm.0 only provides libxvidcore.so.4

I know. I've created a new RPM includes both libs, from 0.9.2 and 
1.0.0_beta2 rpm. At the moment I can't upload to the package, I don't 
get access to Packman.

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