[packman] FFmpeg build options

Martin Herkt lachs0r at srsfckn.biz
Fri Jun 23 18:33:07 CEST 2017

On 2017 M06 22, Thu 11:34:03 CEST Martin Herkt wrote:
> Is there any reason why FFmpeg is built with --disable-cuda and
> --disable-cuvid? Neither requires NVIDIA SDK headers anymore—it’s loaded at
> runtime. I’d like to use those features.
> Also, I’d like libzimg support in FFmpeg because it has much higher quality
> color space conversion than swscale. It’s not packaged at OBS yet,
> but Packman has it. Could that perhaps be moved to OBS and enabled for both
> Packman and OBS FFmpeg versions? IIRC it’s under WTFPL.
> Then, the --enable-nonfree switch can be removed if --enable-libfdk_aac is
> also removed. FFmpeg’s internal AAC encoder is almost on par with it now,
> although somewhat weak at very low bitrates (64k and lower).
> So, if that’s desirable, I don’t think it’d cause much harm.
> If on the other hand license conflicts don’t really matter to Packman,
> I’d like to see --enable-openssl instead of --enable-gnutls, as GnuTLS has
> some trouble with RTMPE streaming.

Okay, so leave fdk_aac in there…

But one more suggestion: Enable libssh. I do use sftp protocol support from 
time to time.
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